2018 Inductees: Rocky Estes, Bill Breeden, Jimmy “Pup” Thomas, Roger Kerr, and Ronnie Johnson (Not Pictured)

Ronnie Johnson (Driver Inductee)

About the Inductee's

Ronnie Johnson and Rocky Estes are the two that were selected under the driver’s category. Johnson is already in a number of halls of fame. He cut his teeth racing at Cleveland Speedway and later made numerous visits to Atomic Speedway and Smoky Mountain Speedway racking up many wins at both tracks.

Estes followed in his dad’s footsteps, the late Herb “Tootle” Estes, into dirt late model racing. Estes made a name for himself with numerous wins at both Smoky Mountain Speedway and Atomic Speedway. He will join his father in the hall of fame.

Bill Breeden is the selection for the driver from Smoky Mountain’s asphalt era. Breeden was a fixture in the six-cylinder division known as the Hobby class at Smoky Mountain Speedway where he racked up many wins. Breeden went on to race on dirt as well.

Jimmy “Pup” Thomas and Roger Kerr were selected as contributors to the sport. Thomas is well known for his work with Hoosier racing tires throughout the years. Thomas has also helped many drivers and has been involved in countless fundraisers for injured drivers, crew members, and even track officials.

Kerr is the son of the late J.T. Kerr that helped his dad build the Stinger racing chassis. Kerr also helped run the family parts business and later started his own business. Kerr has also been a car owner for several drivers. In addition to joining his father in the hall of fame, he will also join his brother, the late Tommy “Big Un” Kerr.


2016 Inductees: (Listed in Order by Person or Family Member)


2014 Inductees: (Listed in Order by Person or Family Member) Billy Palmer, Dewey Floyd, Bobby Denton, Scott Sexton, and Below is the Family of Jim Hunter.


2007 Inductees: Arthur Huskey, Woody Bryant, Jack Trammell, Scott Holcomb, Clay Kelly, Whistle, Earl Orr, George Long, and Chew Miller

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