Are Coolers allowed in the grandstands, pits, or tier parking?

Coolers are only allowed in tier parking.

Are there concession stands at your track?

There are concession stands in the grandstands, tier parking, and the pits, which all serve hot dogs, burgers, nachos, candy, and bottled / fountain drinks. Our grandstand and pit concessions also serve fries and cheesesticks.

Are children allowed in the pits?

Yes, but a parent or guardian must fill out a minor form for anyone under age 18, which is good for the entire season.

Is there reserved grandstand seating?

No, Seating is first come first serve.

How many classes race at your track?

3 classes on average, almost all events contact a Super LM Feature.

Can I camp at your track?

Yes, we have a camping area for special events, and the price to camp depends on the event.

How are your pits laid out?

We have a pit area outside of our track for enclosed trailers and haulers, and a pit area inside our track for open trailers.

Does it cost anything to park at your track?

Parking in the grandstands is totally free, tier parking cost depends on the event, and pit crew parking outside of the pits is free.

Where should I go to enter your track?

From 411 highway on Brickmill Road, we have 3 entrances. The first entrance is for grandstands and general admission, the second is tier parking, and the third is for pit crew parking and pit parking.

What should I do if I see or have an emergency at your track?

We always have a fire department at our track in the event of emergencies. If you have or know of an emergency, notify the nearest track official (someone with a bright yellow shirt and radio) or come to the press box located directly behind the flagstand in the grandstands.

What type of behavior is expected by drivers and fans at your track?

We expect our drivers and fans to behave appropriately and follow the Mountain Code of Conduct, which means treating officials, drivers, staff, and fans with respect. We tolerate no obscene yelling, gestures, or inappropriate actions at our track. If we notice or are notified of someone displaying inappropriate behavior, we may ask them to leave the premises.

Can you make PA announcements for birthdays and anniversaries?

Yes, we are happy to make announcements for you. Please visit our press box and when we have the next opportunity we will make your announcement.

Are your prices the same at every race or event?

We are a Special Events Only Facility not a weekly track. Prices depend on event. Most nights Grandstands will be $15-$20, but can go to as high as $30 for larger Touring Event Payouts.

809 Brick Mill RD
Maryville, TN 37801