MODIFIED STREET WEIGHT: 3000 lbs anytime. Smoky Mountain Street Stock, Tazewell Modifed Street, and 411 Street Stock legal motor 2900 anytime. There will be no burnoff. If there is an excessive amount of cautions the weight will be adjusted. Everyone will be told over the raceceiver before anyone crosses the scales at the discretion of the Race Director.

ENGINE: Open motor, no aluminum heads or block, no dry sump.

BODIES: Must be street type cars, no clip cars, alum bodies ok must be “stock appearing” Track approval. Call before you Haul. No wedge bodies. Rear must be enclosed.

WHEELS AND TIRES: 10 inch wheels max. Any tire.

SUSPENSIONS: Racing springs and shocks allowed, can be relocated. Coil overs allowed, stock type rear suspension, 3 or 4 link, can have heim and tube trailing arms, leaf spring cars can have sliders. No quick change rear ends. 9 inch floaters ok. Bert and Brinn type transmissions allowed.

FUEL: Gas only.

8 inch spoiler max. Late Model type side braces allowed. Three spoiler braces are allowed 8″ high, 18 1/2″ long maximum. NON ADJUSTABLE SHOCKS ONLY. $150 CLAIM PER SHOCK. Working Raceceivers Mandatory. NO EXCEPTIONS.