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Street Stockers: We WILL BE RUNNING the Street Stock Class for $800 to win, THIS Saturday, May 13th.

For the Event we will be using the same rules as 411, Volunteer Speedway, and Tazewell.

Those Rules are:

2017 Modified Street Rules
(Updated 1-16-17)


a. Any cubic inch allowed – open engine.

b. Cast iron block and cylinder heads (only). Absolutely no aluminum block or heads!

c. Aluminum or cast iron intake permitted.

c. No dry sump.

d. One carburetor permitted (2-barrel or 4-barrel).

e. Gas only.

f. No turbo. No supercharger. No nitrous oxide. No nitro methane.


a. Stock or MSD ignition permitted (no magneto).

b. Absolutely no traction control permitted!


a. 104-inch wheelbase (minimum).

b. Coil spring rear suspension cars must have full frame to center of the rear end. Coil spring cars will use factory design (Example: Metric cars will use 2 triangulated upper and 2 lower trailing arms).

c. Camaro and Nova front stub cars may be tube from the front clip back for leaf spring rear suspension ONLY. … Full frame leaf spring conversions are OK.

d. Rear control arms to be: Upper 10-inch minimum, 12-inch maximum … Lower 18-inch minimum, 21-inch maximum. (Can be aftermarket)

e. One (1) shock per corner, total of four (4) on car. Schrader Valve shocks are OK.

f. No canister shock. No aluminum body shock.

g. No coil over shock. No adjustable shock.

h. No coil over eliminators, brake floaters, j-bars, panhard bars, lift bars, birdcages, or pull bars.

i. Upper ball joint to be even with #1 spark plug.

j. No quick change rear ends. 9-inch floated rear end acceptable.

k. No strut cars.

l. No wide 5 hubs or wide 5 adaptors.

m. Weight jacks are permitted.

n. Leaf spring rear end acceptable.

o. No progressive springs. No spring rubbers.

p. Minimum 5-inch diameter springs.

q. Stock steering box (no late model type rack and pinion). May use quick release steering wheel with steering column in stock location.


a. 3,000 pounds

b. Driver will receive 25 lb. weight break if wearing approved HANS device.


a. Open tires.

b. Steel wheels only (No aluminum wheels permitted)

c. 10-inch maximum width.

d. Longer studs permitted, can be double-nutted.


a. Any transmission permitted (stock, Bert, Brinn, etc. – but must have reverse gear).


a. Headers are permitted, but no turn-down headers are allowed to be turned down toward the racing surface.


a. Aluminum, steel, and composite body panels are permitted (rear may be left open). … Wagon roofs are allowed.

b. After market stock appearing nose pieces are permitted. No wedge style Late Model noses.

c. 8-inch rear spoiler height maximum.

d. Spoiler supports to be no more than 23 1/2 inches long with no more than three (3) supports permitted.

e. Front bumpers must be constructed of 1 3/4-inch round or 1 1/2-inch square .095 tubing (maximum). Must turn and extend rearward behind the nose a minimum of 6 inches (no welded 90* or sharp edges).

f. Rear bumpers must be constructed of 2-inch round or 2-inch square .095 tubing (maximum). Must turn and extend forward behind the quarter panel a minimum of 18 inches (No welded 90* or sharp edges).

g. Hood and trunk must be fastened with hood pins.