Maryville, Tennessee –
The ownership group met and decided to cancel the event following a tough 2017 season at the historic 4/10-mile speedway located south of Maryville, Tennessee.
“It has been a tough year for us,” said Roger Sellers, co-owner of Smoky Mountain Speedway. “The weather got us the first race of the year when we were snowed out. That put us behind and we never got caught up. Some of our other events that we have done well with in the past weren’t as good for us this year. It’s been a frustrating year.”
“We tried all kinds of things this year and nothing we did worked for us. The frustrating part is we had a similar schedule last year and had our best year since Larry (Garner), Stanley (Best), and I have operated the track. We’ll sit down in the next few weeks and evaluate where we are, how we do things, and try to get back where we were for 2018.”
Additionally, track promoter Casey Moses and her husband, Robby, have been dedicating much of their time to their newborn son, who is in the NICU unit at UT Hospital. Their son arrived sooner than expected and has remained in the hospital since birth. They hope to bring their son home with them very soon and begin adjusting to life as a bigger family.
With the cancellation of the Southern All-Stars race, that concludes the 2017 season at Smoky Mountain Speedway. The hall of fame induction ceremony scheduled for October 7 will now be held next spring at a date to be announced. The new hall of fame inductees will be notified of the schedule change.
Smoky Mountain Speedway is already working on the 2018 schedule with the first event to take place in March. The track’s schedule will be announced around the time of the PRI show in December. Fans and teams can keep tabs on the schedule and other news at
Smoky Mountain Speedway would like to thank all fans and drivers that came out this season.