Smoky Mountain Speedway announces new staff members

Smoky Mountain Speedway has announced new staff members for the upcoming 2019 season. Track owner Roger Sellers announced some of the new hires at the rules meeting on Saturday.

Butch Lambert has been named the new technical inspector. Lambert was introduced at a rules meeting that took place at the track on Saturday. Lambert met with interested drivers and team owners in the limited late model and sportsman late model divisions that will be competing at Smoky Mountain in 2019.

Lambert has been around production cars and a variety of race cars most of his life. A native of California, Lambert has lived in east Tennessee since 1988. He has served, in the past, as technical inspector at Tazewell Speedway.

“We have a rulebook and we expect everyone to know the rules when they come here to race,” Lambert said. “I don’t like it when something is illegal one week, then legal the next week. I tend to have a problem with that. It’s not fair to the ones that have been right all year and make a change for one person. It makes your track look bad.”

Chris Corum was introduced as the race director for the 2019 season. Corum will oversee the limited late model and sportsman late model divisions on the nights they are scheduled to compete this season.Word

Corum bring a wealth of knowledge from his experiences being a driver, track general manager, race director, and more.

“I’m excited to be working at Smoky Mountain this year in an official capacity,” Corum said. “Roger has great things in store for this track and I’m looking forward to being a part of it.”

Michael Moats has been named the track’s public relations director. Moats brings years of experience in public relations and the relationships he has developed with many of the top news providers in dirt racing. He was also continue to serve as the track’s official photographer and will assist the staff in social media notifications.

Dozens of drivers and team owners turned out for Saturday’s rules meeting. Various topics were discussed and feedback from those in attendance was positive. The final set of rules will be posted on the track’s web site on Thursday.