Romines, Merritt highlight 2017 Smoky Mountain Speedway Hall of Fame class


The newest class for the Smoky Mountain Speedway Hall of Fame was recently announced.


The Smoky Mountain Speedway Hall of Fame picked up where the Atomic Speedway Hall of Fame left off in 2006. Anyone from either of those tracks were under consideration by the voting committee, as a number of deserving people from Atomic Speedway have not been inducted since the track’s closing. Those people, along with those from the asphalt era at Smoky Mountain Speedway, will continue to be inducted as long as those that are deserving remain eligible for induction.


As in the past, nominees were broken down into three different categories: drivers, contributors, and those from the track’s asphalt era.


This year’s class for the driver category is Ronnie Romines and Guy Merritt. The contributor class has two inductees for 2017. Those new members are Gerald “Peg Leg” Laws and Ray Dedrick. The asphalt era inductee is Darrell Parrott.


Each one will be inducted at a ceremony on Saturday, October 7 during the intermission of the Southern All-Stars event at Smoky Mountain Speedway. Each new inductee will receive a letter acknowledging their induction and information about the ceremony on Oct. 7.


Plans are also in the works to have a number of past inductees at the track to meet and greet fans. More details on the ceremony will be released leading up to the event.