Photos Posted from Big Daddy 500

As the owners of SMS we would like to thank each and everyone that made the “BIG DADDY 500” such a huge sucess. ¬†Leading up to the race we all had great anticipations but couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw tier parking full to the highway, cars and haulers lined up out of sight on Brick Mill Road ¬†and the grandstands filled with fans. We want to make it well known that we appreciate all of our workers that gave all they had well into the night to take care of the such an overwelming crowd. We also want to thank all of the racers that put on a great show that had fans standing in their seats.. We especially want to thank each and every fan that hung in there with us and showed such strong support because without you none of this is possible. Last but definately not least we want to let Chris, Leslie, Callie, and Zack know how much they are appreciated. I can honestly say that it was great to see such a wonderful family work so tirelessly together to reach a goal.. Thanks Chris, once again you have underpromised and overdelivered.