After a couple of years of inactivity for the Hall of Fame, the Atomic/Smoky Mountain Speedway is being revived in 2014. Nominations will be accepted at this time for the 2014 class. A top-notch committee has been assembled to sort through the nominations and suggest their own nominations before the committee votes on who to induct. The committee will vote some time next month. Once we see when the meeting can be held, we’ll post a cut off date for nominations. The plan is to have the induction ceremony during the intermission for the Southern All-Stars race on September 20.

The guidelines for nominations are as follows:
1.   Drivers who had significant success at Smoky Mountain Speedway and/or Atomic Speedway. Success at other tracks is a plus. If nominating a driver, please include class, number of wins, number of track championships, and other valuable information if possible.
2.   Car owners, crew members, or contributors that were part of successful teams or aided in the success and promotion of Smoky Mtn. Speedway and/or Atomic Speedway.
3.   Drivers that raced in the asphalt area that were successful at SMS that have not previously been recognized because they did not compete on the dirt at SMS or Atomic.
4.   Any former track owner or track worker that was a vital part of either track’s success during their tenure.
5.   It is preferred that drivers, contributors, car owners, etc. are no longer active in racing or are at the end of their career.
6.   Any other person not fitting into previously mentioned categories that played an important part with SMS and/or Atomic.

To nominate an individual, send your nomination to Michael Moats at

With the combining of the former Atomic Speedway Hall of Fame and the Smoky Mtn. Speedway Hall of Fame, we are also taking suggestions for a name for the hall of fame. One suggestion has been to call it the East Tennessee Racing Hall of Fame. The one problem with that is the inclusion of other area tracks in the area, several of which already have their own hall of fame. We’d like to keep this just for Atomic and SMS. If anyone has a good name for it, we’d like to hear it.