Are you interested in your child becoming the next big NASCAR star!!!

Most NASCAR drivers got their start at their local dirt track. Smoky Mountain Speedway is working on a kids program that will introduce your family to stock car racing.  You’ll get to come out to the track and get teamed up with a real racing family. You can spend time with them ask questions and get all of the answers you need to make an educated decision on how to get started. (We have over 10 classes that will accommodate any age or skill level) What does all of this cost NOTHING we will even pay your way in to the races! We have Boys and Girls starting at age 5 to adult. We have been working on our kids program for over 3 years. It is our goal to have an exciting safe inexpensive program that is interactive for the entire family. (If you are an adult and want to get involved we can help with that too.)

More info will be coming to the website soon.