• It is mandatory for all persons entering a restricted are of the Track to read and execute, all pertinent waivers and releases

  • These Rules and or Regulations set forth do not express or imply warranty of safety
  • The pit area has a 5 mph maximum speed limit
  • No Person under the age of 14 allowed in Hot Pits. Hot pits are the area of pit road.
  • Firearms are prohibited on Track Property, except for working security and law enforcement.
  • No Alcoholic Beverages or Controlled Substances. Offenders are Subject to Suspension and, or Arrest.
  • Abusive Language, Fighting or Physical Abuse will not be tolerated. Offenders are Subject to Suspension, Fine and, or Arrest.
  • Any Driver exiting a Race vehicle on the Racetrack unless directed to do so by a Track Official or in the response to an Emergency is Subject to Disqualification.
  • All Drivers are Responsible for the Conduct of their Crewmembers and associates.
  • Equipment not conforming to specifications stated herein may be impounded by the Track. All Cars are subject to inspection by officials at any time.
  • Injuries incurred at the Track must be reported to Office prior to leaving the Track premises. Failure to do so will result in Denial of Insurance Claims.
  • All Drivers must be ready to compete in their Scheduled Event. Any Driver Late for Qualifying, will Qualify Last and only get 1 Lap. Any Car arriving after Time Trials will start last in the Heat Race or Feature Race if there is no Heat Race for the Specific Class.
  • The Track may Invert Qualifiers
  • RACE EVENT POINTS ONLY: Any Driver winning 2 Features in a Row will be started in no better than 3rd position, 3 Feature wins in a row starts no better than 6th position, 4 feature wins in a row starts Last in The Drivers next attempted Feature Event.
  • All Events are scored in relation to the Lead Car. Scoring protest must be registered within 10 Minutes of the posting of event results.
  • All Drivers are responsible for understanding flag signals
  • The following signals apply:
  • Green Flag: Begin and Maintain Racing Pace
  • White Flag: 1 Lap to Go
  • Black Flag: Go To Pits Immediately
  • Red Flag: Danger, Stop Immediately
  • Yellow Flag: Caution, Slow to Pace Speed, No Passing
  • Blue Flag: Allow Lead Cars to Pass
  • Checkered Flag: End of Race
  • When the Caution Appears all Cars must slow to PACE speed and Tail the car ahead. At The Discretion of the Race Director, the Offending driver and or drivers may be started in the rear of the field. All other cars will restart in the running order of the last completed Green Flag lap.
  • Layover Flag: Any Driver being showed the layover Flag must lay over for the Leaders as directed on the raceceiver.
  • Initial Starts of the Race, Cars must remain in Double File until the Green Flag.
  • If one (1) Lap is not completed, all cars retain their original position. In the event you go in the pits you must be back on the track to take the “one lap to go” signal to get your original starting position back, if not you must go to the rear.
  • Front row cars will be moved back one (1) row after a second (2nd) start attempt. Jump re-starts will be called back at the discretion of the Race Director.
  • Cars not responding to Black Flag, or not getting in Directed position will not be Scored or Paid
  • Race will be Official if Time limit expires or Laps are completed. Laps may be cut due to time limit.
  • NO RADIOS are permitted.
  • RACECEIVERS or NitroScan are Mandatory (Frequency 454.0000) ANYTIME YOU ARE ON THE RACE TRACK!
  • Any Car Causing three (3) Caution Flags in the Feature will be done for the Night.
  • Intentional Wrecking: Any Driver intentionally running into another Car will be Black Flagged and Disqualified from the Event and will be subject to Disciplinary Action, and will forfeit all monies earned that Night.
  • Rough Driving: Rough Driving will not be tolerated. The General Rule is Car causing the caution will be moved to the Rear of the field as Directed by the Race Director or Track Official. If there are cars that are more than one lap down, the cars involved may be moved to the end of the line of lead lap cars. Non-incidental contact between cars may subject either car to Disciplinary action. Decision of the Officials in charge is FINAL.
  • Two (2) Courtesy laps will be given for a flat tire incurred under caution.
  • Any Disqualification at an Event equals Driver and Car is done for the Night.
  • The Race Director, before said change, must approve driver Changes during a night’s event.
  • A Driver cannot change Cars after the Start of an event.
  • A Single Race Car cannot be entered into more than one racing event per evening regardless of a driver change.
  • Money from the night’s event will be paid to the person of record on file at the track office. All required forms must be executed before Money will be released.
  • ATVs are allowed in the pit area only. All ATV’s must adhere to all pit speed limits and safety regulations set forth by Smoky Mountain Speedway. Anyone operating an ATV outside these guidelines will forfeit their ATV privileges and said ATV will be impounded for the Night.


Rough Driving: Disqualified for the night, 2nd Offense 2 week Suspension Fighting:  Aggressor will be escorted from the Speedway, Disqualified and Fined 250.00, 2nd Offense 2 week’s suspension 500.00 Fine. Any Driver /Crew member that enters another’s Pit will be the Aggressor. If the Incident occurs away from either parties Pit, All Involved may be judged as the Aggressor Any Person using abusive language or physically abusing any Track Official will be fined and suspended from the Speedway. Smoky Mountain Speedway reserves the right to increase or decrease any penalties based on the severity of any incident.


Many Calls made by officials during a race event are judgment calls and are made based on information at hand during the event. Judgment calls may not be appealed and are not subject to review or change after a race event. Any driver or crew who comes to the press box during a race to dispute a call will be disqualified from that night’s event.

  • Protest: ONLY TOP 2 Finishers in Feature Event will be allowed to Protest
2nd Place may Protest 1st and 1st Place may counter 2nd Place Only. The Driver must Lodge Protest before leaving the Scales after the Feature Event. Money must be paid in Cash within 5 minutes of the checkered flag. Protesting Driver must state exact Protest. A Protested Driver may Counter Protest. Any Driver that refuses to tear down will be deemed Illegal, and will forfeit all monies and points for that event. During a Protest\Tear down, All technical specifications will be inspected and enforced. 3 Persons from each team involved will be allowed in the Tech room only, unless granted permission by the Race Director. All monies will be held until Teardown is completed. Visual Protest in all Classes will Cost 50.00 Track will retain 100% of Money for Visual Protest. Visual Protest allowed before Heat Races Only. Track will retain 30% of all other Protest Fees in all Classes Any item not listed in protest fees is considered a visual protest item and must be protested before race and not after. Track reserves the right to delete, change, or amend rules in the interest of competition.  
  • Safety Equipment: This is Minimum acceptable equipment, All Cars in all divisions.
  • All Cars must have protective windshield bars in front of driver
  • All Cars must have a working fire extinguisher, and securely mounted
  • Rollover Protection: Four-point full roll cage, welded to mainframe walls or minimum 4.0inchx4.0inch, 3/16ths thickness steel pads continuously welded to main uni-body floor structure at strongest points. Roll Cage is required unless specified by division rules.
  • Main hoop behind driver must have lateral bar positioned at approximately driver shoulder height when normally seated for attachment of shoulder harness hardware. Main hoop must be X braced. Forward uprights must be laterally braced at dash level and at top of windshield area. Driver’s side of roll cage opening must have minimum of three (3) parallel protective bars with at least six (6) inches of vertical spacing. Horizontal bars must be braced vertically between courses at minimum intervals of 12 inches. Roll cage opening opposite driver must have minimum, full X bracing. Main roll cage structure must tie to front and rear fabricated frame clips, as utilized. Top opening of roll cage must be X braced. All roll cage members must be minimum 1.50 inch outside diameter, .095-inch wall thickness DOM steel tubing.
  • Driver Restraints: Five Points, minimum three (3) inch wide, designed for racing harness required with quick-release fasteners. Restraints must be secured to roll cage members and/or frame rails, not to floor. Restraints must be maintained free of fraying or dry cracking and are subject to periodic approval inspection. Driver restraints maximum 3 years old. Window Nets are recommended.
  • Seat: Designed for Racing steel or aluminum types are required. No fiberglass seats. Seat must mount securely to roll cage structure.
  • Fuel Cell: Must be USFI Approved type with full container Fuel cell must be securely mounted within protective structure of car.
  • Firewalls: All cars must have metal firewalls between drivers compartment and engine and drivers compartment and fuel cell
  • Drive shaft Loops: All cars must be equipped with a drive shaft retaining loop (1/4inch x 2.0 inch minimum size) mounted approximately 12 inch rearward of the transmission so drive shaft cannot fall in case of front u-joint failure. A second, rearward mounted drive shaft loop is highly recommended unless specified in division rules. Drive shafts must be painted white.
  • Electrical: No electric fuel pumps allowed unless specifically permitted by rules for a division. All cars must have master electrical cutoff switch located within normal reach of driver. Battery must be mounted securely in support frame and be covered to prevent spillage. Traction control devices, whether electrically or mechanically engaged, are strictly prohibited.
  • Weight: Ballast weight must be painted white with car number on weight. Must be secured with Bolts and Lock Nuts. Any Car/Driver losing ballast weight on the track may be disqualified from said event and fined $1 per pound of ballast weight lost. Track officials have the right at any time to inspect Ballast weight on any Car.
  • Weight of Race Car must be Posted on Right Side A pillar before Race Car enters the Track (Failure to do so will result in disqualification)
  • All Cars must have legible Numbers on Both Doors and Top of Car. Measurement of numbers should be 24inch in height minimum.
  • Cars with duplicate Numbers will add a letter to the front of Number
  • Drivers Safety Equipment Required (Not optional) Full Coverage USFI Standard or Snell 90 Approved Helmet. One or Two-piece minimum single layer Nomex (or equivalent) driver suit. Fire retardant Boots/Shoes. Fire retardant gloves.
  • Infractions of rules set forth in this complete document, whether regarding conduct and deportment or technical specifications, subject the offender to (a) disqualification from an event (b) loss of points and or monies and (c) suspension from subsequent competition for a period to be determined by representatives of Smoky Mountain Speedway. Smoky Mountain Speedway reserves the right to change and or amend any rule set forth at any time without notice. Smoky Mountain Speedway reserves the right to reject entry to anyone. Race track officials will make any and all final decisions regarding enforcement of this set of rules. Smoky Mountain Speedway will not be responsible for any damage to any vehicle or personal property located on Track Grounds.

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