Lucas Oil “Mountain Moonshine Classic” $12,000 to win; Saturday July 9th


For those of you that are unfamiliar with our track layout, below is a description.

Grandstand Gate is the FIRST Entrance coming From Hwy 411 South to Brick Mill Rd.

Tier Parking/ Camping is the SECOND Entrance

Pit Gate is the THIRD Entrance and is actually Crye Rd.

Tier Parking is a Tailgate atmosphere, where coolers and small grills are allowed. Parking is first come first serve and cannot be reserved. Please limit the use of tents and canopy’s unless you are on the back row.


A few notes regarding SATURDAYS Lucas Oil Event, July 9th:

Huge Crowd is expected this weekend.

SMS accepts Cash only

Pit Gates will be locked & will open at 12PM

Grandstands and Tier Parking open at 3PM, but chances are gates will open earlier. We can not allow traffic to block the road.

Tier Parking is a tailgate atmosphere, where you can park and watch from your vehicle, in the bed of your truck, or in a lawn chair.

Coolers and Small grills are allowed in tier parking.

Canopies are allowed in Tier Parking until cars hit the track, you can keep them up if you are on the very back row. (Not blocking views)

Camping is allowed in Tier Parking for $20 plus tickets

Oversized Vehicles in Tier will be $20 plus tickets

Arrive hungry, SMS offers full concessions at all gates, plus several food vendors will be onsite.

T-Shirts and Apparel will be available in the Grandstand Area

Fans please remember that chairs will only be allowed on the concrete areas of the grandstands. Small seatbacks and cushions are permitted elsewhere.

We ask that fans that are using large chairs use the top rows to prevent blocking others view.

If you are wanting a seat on the concrete bleachers please get to the track early.
Our stands can withhold large crowds, however, Seating may become limited

ABSOLUTELY no coolers or Large Bags in the grandstand area!

Pit passes will be available at each Gate, no one will be allowed in the pits without an armband!

There is a walking path from Tier to Pits

Pit Bikes are not allowed in the pits

Last but not least, have fun, bring a friend, and get ready to see an awesome show!
Thank you for your support and for choosing Smoky Mountain Speedway to spend your Saturday Night!

June 18th, 2016 Results- McIntosh captures drama filled Ultimate feature at SMS

Smoky Mountain Speedway
Maryville, TN

Saturday, June 18th


1. Donald McIntosh # 7
2. Ricky Weiss # 7
3. Casey Roberts # 101
4. Tommy Kerr # 4t
5. Kenny Collins # 1c
6. Dennis “Rambo” Franklin # 2
7. Derek Fisher # 38
8. Ross Bailes # 87
9. Anthony Sanders # 421
10. Bobby Giffin # 97
11. Skip Arp # 128
12. Johnny Pursley # 09
13. Roger Best # 007
14. Ray Cook # 53
15. Mark Douglas # 52d
16. David Crabtree # C5
17. Glenn Elliott # 5
18. Robby Moses # 21
19. Shanon Buckingham # 50
20. Skylar Marlar # 11
21. Jeremy Hines # 5h
22. Stacy Boles # 11b
23. Chris Ferguson # 22
24. Dusty Carver # 9
25. Mark Vineyard # 4

DID NOT QUALIFY: Brian Ligon (4), Sammie Russell (F4), Jeff Wolfenbarger (28), Tim Rucker (47)


1. Terry Poore # 2
2. Kelvin White # 00
3. Hunter Best # 007
4. Vann Lester # 50
5. Warren McMahan # 33
6. Chris Johnston # C9
7. Bryan Cooper # 15
8. Mike Moore # 17
9. Jed Emert # 98
10. Derek Blair # 82
11. Hunter Kerr # 4h
12. Adam Mitchell # 50
13. Phillip Thompson # 24


1. Chris Rickett # 36
2. Austin Neely # 3
3. Jeff McLemore # J3
4. Brady Lee # 31
5. Sam Burgess # 88
6. Travis Reno # 411
7. Tony Horton # 56
8. Chad McLemore # 3
9. Ben Sexton # 6
10. Robbie Comer # 42
11. Dale Jackson # 99

DID NOT START: Jon Cook (0z), Ty Crisp (T11)


Donald McIntosh captures drama filled Ultimate feature at Smoky Mountain

McIntosh began the night by setting fast time in qualifying when he posted a lap of 16.980 seconds around the 4/10 mile clay oval located just south of Maryville, Tenn. Chris Ferguson, Ray Cook, Ricky Weiss, Skip Arp, Kenny Collins, Anthony Sanders, Dennis Franklin, Casey Roberts and David Crabtree joined the pole winner in being locked into the starting lineup based on they efforts in time-trials.Donald McIntosh cruised to the Ultimate win at SMS

Donald McIntosh cruised to the Ultimate win at SMS

If someone simply took a look at the race summary of the Ultimate Super Late Models event at the Smoky Mountain Speedway they might see that the driver who qualified on the pole led the majority of the laps and went on to win the race and thus assume that it was not a particularly event show. That assumption would be wrong as Donald McIntosh did win the $5,000 feature on Saturday night but the evening was filled with dramatic moments.

Mark Douglas and Bobby Giffin won the two B-main races used to set the remainder of the starting lineup for the main event.

The first bit of drama occurred as the cars were rolling onto the front straightaway to line up for the feature race. The machine driven by Ferguson, who was considered one of the pre-race favorites, became the focus of attention. With the car leaking fuel, crew members began to work under the hood. Initially, it looked as if there was little hope of making repairs in time to take the green flag as the car was pushed to the infield. However, spare parts from the team hauler arrived just in time to get the popular driver on track and back into his outside front row starting position before the start of the race.

At the start of the 40-lap feature it was Ferguson who went to the early lead after a lap long side-by-side battle with McIntosh on the race’s initial circuit. Weiss, Cook and Arp followed the lead duo during the early stages of the event.

However, the complexion of the race changed on the seventh lap when Ferguson began waving his arm out the window of his racer as the cars roared down the front stretch to alert his fellow competitors that he was pulling off the track. The early leader was done for the night and the race lead was handed to McIntosh.

A spin by Roger Best brought out the race’s second caution on lap 15 and set the stage for the most dramatic moment of the event. On the ensuing restart, Weiss attempted to move around Cook on the low side to take the second position. Upon completing the pass, Weiss slide up the track and into Cook’s lane. The two cars came together, sending Cook bouncing off the outside wall and then back into the path of oncoming traffic.

That melee collected at least six cars, most with enough damage to be retired from the race.

From that point, the race ran caution free, allowing McIntosh to drive away and then cruise to the checkered flag. However, there was intense racing behind the leader as the likes of Roberts, Collins, Franklin and 18th starting Tommy Kerr battled for positions within the top-5 during much of the race’s second half.

With just two laps remaining, the third running machine of Arp slowed and coasted into the pit area with the checkered flag almost in sight.

McIntosh scored his second Ultimate/Battle of Bluegrass win of the season at Smoky Mountain.

Feature Finish: 1. Donald McIntosh, 2. Ricky Weiss, 3. Casey Roberts, 4. Tommy Kerr, 5. Kenny Collins, 6. Dennis Franklin, 7. Derek Fisher, 8. Ross Bailes, 9. Anthony Sanders, 10. Bobby Giffin, 11. Skip Arp, 12. Johnny Pursley, 13. Ray Cook, 14. Mark Douglas, 15. David Crabtree, 16. Glenn Elliott, 17. Robby Moses, 18. Shanon Buckingham, 19. Skylar Marlar, 20. Jeremy Hines, 21. Stacy Boles, 22. Chris Ferguson, 23. Dusty Carver, 24. Mark Vineyard