Chris Madden Captures 10th Annual Ironman Classic at Smoky Mountain Speedway


Chris Madden Captures 10th Annual Ironman Classic at Smoky Mountain Speedway

By Michael Despain
Southern Nationals Bonus Series

MARYVILLE, TN (August 16, 2014)- The Southern Nationals Bonus Series would roll into Smoky Mountain Speedway for its sixth event of the season on Saturday and Chris Madden of Gray Court, SC would pick up the win in the 10th Annual CT Promotions Ironman Classic presented by Stanley Best Heating and Air.  It would be Madden’s first triumph in the event and his third overall at the Maryville, TN speedplant for the 2014 race season.

Madden’s victory, which was worth $5,010, made him the seventh different to win the event, which was being contested for the first time ever in the state of Tennessee.  Madden’s winning performance came aboard his familiar Century Plastics/Henderson Amusements/Hamrick’s of Gaffney/Cushman Paint and Body/Penske Shocks sponsored #44 Bloomquist Race Car powered by a Clements Race Engine.

Madden and Eric Jacobsen would bring the 21 car starting field to the green flag, with Madden winning the duel with Jacobsen for the top spot exiting turn two.  The action would slow one circuit later when Brian Smith made contact with the outside retaining wall in turn one and would see his night be finished.  The restart would see Madden again roll away from the field, with Stacy Boles, Skip Arp, Jacobsen, and Randy Weaver giving chase.  Madden would stretch his lead out a bit until the caution flew again on lap 7 for Sammie Russell’s stopped mount on the topside of turn four, with second place running Boles also pulling to the infield with mechanical issues, ending his night.  Madden again quickly motored away from the field on the restart, with Arp now in second, followed by Jacobsen, Weaver, and Ray Cook.  Madden would start the process of carefully working slower traffic by lap 13 and would have a comfortable lead when the third caution of the race appeared on lap 20 for Gabe Wilson’s slowed machine in turn two.  This restart would see Madden again scoot away from the pack, while Skip Arp would start to get pressure from Randy Weaver for the second position.  As that pair battled, Madden would lengthen his lead further until the final caution of the event flew on lap 27 when fifth place running Jacobsen would slow on the backchute, ending his night.  The restart would again see Arp and Weaver resume their battle for second behind leader Madden, with Weaver finally working past Arp for the runner-up spot on lap 34.  Weaver would reel in Madden in a charge to the lead, but would see his efforts come up short and Madden would see the checkered flag first in the 40 lap contest, with Weaver settling for second, while Arp, Cook, and Tony Knowles would complete the top five.  The remainder of the top ten would be Tommy Kerr, Vic Hill, Chad Ogle, Jeff Wolfenbarger, and Billy Ogle, Jr.


Brian Smith of Gray, KY captured the $250 highest-finishing Kentucky driver. Smith started tenth in the A-Main but a wreck knocked him out of contention early in the 40-lapper.

Further information on the Southern Nationals can be obtained by visiting .

Official Summary of Results
Southern Nationals Bonus Series Race # 6
Smoky Mountain Speedway-Maryville, TN
Saturday Night August 16, 2014

A-Main Finish:
1. Chris Madden (Gray Court, SC)
2. Randy Weaver (Crossville, TN)
3. Skip Arp (Georgetown, TN)
4. Ray Cook (Brasstown, NC)
5. Tony Knowles (Newnan, GA)
6. Tommy Kerr (Maryville, TN)
7. Vic Hill (Mosheim, TN)
8. Chad Ogle (Sevierville, TN)
9. Jeff Wolfenbarger (Clinton, TN)
10. Billy Ogle, Jr. (Knoxville, TN)
11. Robby Moses (Friendsville, TN)
12. Eric Jacobsen (Rio Del Mar, CA)
13. Austin Smith (Cedartown, GA)
14. Gabe Wilson (Waynesville, NC)
15. Mark Vineyard (Powell, TN)
16. James Kelso (Maryville, TN)
17. Stacy Boles (Clinton, TN)
18. Sammie Russell (Madisonville, TN)
19. Hunter Best (Maryville, TN)
20. Brian Smith (Gray, KY)
21. David Crabtree (Maryville, TN)

Yellow Flags:  4 (Lap 2, 7, 20, 27)
Red Flags: None
Lap Leaders: 1 (Chris Madden 1-40)
Provisional Starters: None
Entries: 21
FK Rod Ends Fastest Qualifier:  Chris Madden 15.235

PPM Racing Products Hard Charger Award: Billy Ogle Jr. (advanced 9 positions) ($100 product certificate)

Double H Race Fabrications Middleman Award: Robby Moses ($50 product certificate)

Limited Late Model A-Main (25 laps/$1,500 to win):  Cory Hedgecock, Drew Kennedy, Trevor Sise, Billy Ogle, Jr., Matt Henderson, Dakotah Knuckles, Jamie Perry, Jaylon Shannon, Weston Gantte, David Kerr, Blake Hill, John Eller, Anthony White, Brett Ashley, David Crabtree, Lynn Leach, Ray Cook (DNS- Bobby Giffin, Jason Welshan)

Street Stock A-Main (15 laps/$500 to win):  Jeff McLemore, Brady Lee, Wesley Lester, Robbie Buchanan, Ty Crisp, Brad Davis, James Crowe, Charles Toomey, Adam Engel, Mitchell Brown, Shane Taylor, Nick Miley, Ronnie Roberts (DNS- David Clark, Patrick Rogers, Charles Devine, Chad McLemore, Lynn Burchfield, Rodney Murphy, Tony Simonic)


Smoky Mountain Speedway
Maryville, TN

Saturday, August 16th 

10th Annual Ironman Classic
presented by Stanley Best Heating & Air


1.  Chris Madden # 44
2.  Randy Weaver # 116
3.  Skip Arp # 31
4.  Ray Cook # 53
5.  Tony Knowles # 26
6.  Tommy Kerr # 4t
7.  Vic Hill # 1
8.  Chad Ogle # 10
9.  Jeff Wolfenbarger # 28
10.  Billy Ogle, Jr. # 201
11.  Robby Moses # 7
12.  Eric Jacobsen # 5
13.  Austin Smith # 11
14.  Gabe Wilson # 12w
15.  Mark Vineyard # 4
16.  James Kelso # 49
17.  Stacy Boles # 11b
18.  Sammie Russell # F4
19.  Hunter Best # 007
20.  Brian Smith # 7
21.  David Crabtree # C5


1.  Cory Hedgecock # 23
2.  Drew Kennedy # K37
3.  Trevor Sise # 73
4.  Billy Ogle, Jr. # 66
5.  Matt Henderson # 17
6.  Dakotah Knuckles # 21k
7.  Jamie Perry # P4
8.  Jaylon Shannon # 22
9.  Weston Gantte # 14
10.  David Kerr # 14
11.  Blake Gill # 16
12.  John Eller # 5
13.  Anthony White # 2x
14.  Brett Ashley # 9
15.  David Crabtree # C5
16.  Lynn Leach # 22
17.  Ray Cook # 27

Did Not Start:  Jason Welshan (29), Bobby Giffin (97)


1.  Jeff McLemore # J3
2.  Brady Lee # 31
3.  Wesley Lester # 06
4.  Robbie Buchanan # P21
5.  Ty Crisp # T11
6.  Brad Davis # 88
7.  James Crowe # 360c
8.  Charles Toomey # 17
9.  Adam Engel # 28
10.  Mitchell Brown # 368x
11.  Shane Taylor # 37
12.  Nick Miley # 88
13.  Ronnie Roberts # 21

Did Not Start:  Charles Devine (00), David Clark (1), Chad McLemore (3), Tony Simonic (5), Lynn Burchfield (11), Patrick Rogers (42), Rodney Murphy (411)

Drivers that have confirmed to us they will be at SMS Saturday


Kenny Collins # 1 – Colbert, GA
Vic Hill # 1 – Moshiem, TN
Mark Vineyard # 4 – Powell, TN
Tommy Kerr # 4t – Maryville, TN
Eric Jacobsen # 5 – Rio Del Mar, CA
Robby Moses # 7 – Friendsville, TN
Chad Ogle # 10 – Sevierville, TN
Austin Smith # 11 – Cedartown, GA
Stacy Boles # 11b – Claxton, TN
Jeff Wolfenbarger # 28 – Clinton, TN
Skip Arp # 31 – Georgetown, TN
Chris Madden # 44 – Gray Court, SC
James Kelso # 49 – Maryville, TN
Mark Douglas # 52d – Knoxville, TN
Ray Cook # 53 – Brasstown, NC
Dylan Ames # 77a – Harvest, AL
Casey Roberts # 101 – Toccoa, GA
Randy Weaver # 116 – Crossville, TN
Billy Ogle, Jr. # 201 – Knoxville, TN


Reuben Mayfield # 00
Jason Cardwell # 07
Hunter Best # 007
Butch Bayless # B2
Sammie Russell # F4
Brett Ashley # 9
Weston Gantte # 14
David Kerr # 14
Matt Henderson # 17
Tim Johns # 19
Dakotah Knuckles # 21k
Cory Hedgecock # 23
Charlie Parker # 27
Jason Welshan # 29
Tony Martin # 35
Drew Kennedy # K37
Trevor Sise # 73
Brad Coffey # 88
Jason Trammell # 90j
Bobby Giffin # 97


Jon Cook # 0z
David Clark # 1
Jeff McLemore # J3
Tony Simonic # 5
Ben Sexton # 6
Westley Lester # 06
Ty Crisp # T11
Charles Toomey # 17
Robbie Buchanan # P21
Adam Engel # 28
Brady Lee # 31
Patrick Rogers # 42
Brad Davis # 88
James Crowe # 360c

CT Promotions Ironman Classic History and Tidbits

Previous Ironman Classic Finishes

2004 (Mountain Motor Speedway): Jackie Boggs, Chuckie May, Raymond Nichols, Ralph Francis, Donald Runyon, Brandon Hardgrove, Greg Lucas, Daniel Williams, Brent Denny.

2005 (Rained Out)

2006 (Mountain Motor Speedway): Chris Combs, Anthony Adams, Shannon Thornsberry, Steve Stollings, Greg Lucas, Jack Fields, Chris Wilson, Dan Deaton, Raymond Nichols, Jimmy Perkins, Eric Creech, Freddie Brock, Danny Bates, Cory Waddell, Larry Gray Jr., D.J. Wells.

2007 (Mountain Motor Speedway): Chris Combs, D.J. Wells, Jamie Ferguson, Eric Wells, Jamie Maggard, Jack Fields, Anthony Adams, Raymond Nichols, Danny Bates, Jackie Boggs, Kevin Hall, Jimmy Perkins, Doug Smith, Greg Anderson, Whitney McQueary, Russ Frohnapfel, Randy Caudill, Travis Hensley, Freddie Brock, Brandon Fouts, Victor Lee.

2008 (Richmond Speedway): Don O’Neal, Terry English, Victor Lee, Chris Combs, Aaron Hatton, Jimmy Crabtree, David Webb, Justin Rattliff, Wayne Chinn, Dennis Roberson, Dustin Linville, Tyrel Todd, Jim Robinson, Mike Jewell, Tim Tungate, Eric Wells, D.J. Wells, Michael Chilton, Bobby Carrier Jr., Larry Gray Jr., Greg Johnson, Marty Stepp, Jason Barrett.

2009 (Mountain Motor Speedway): Josh McGuire, Aaron Ridley, Justin Rattliff, Wayne Chinn, Brandon Fouts, Oscar McCown, Chris Combs, Tim Tungate, Jimmy Crabtree, David Dixon, Jeremy Hall, Christian Rayburn, Raymond Nichols, John Mulligan, B.J. Morris, D.J. Wells, Daniel Hatcher, Jimmy Perkins, Shannon Thornsberry, Derek Fisher, Freddie Brock, Eric Wells.

2010 (Mountain Motor Speedway): Shannon Thornsberry, D.J. Wells, Jeremy Hall, Jason Perry, Jack Fields, Freddie Brock, Ricky Rose, Chris Combs, Jamie Maggard, Steve Stollings, Brandon Wagner, Carl Dillow II, Brandon Fouts.

2011 (Southern Ohio Speedway): Jackie Boggs, Tim Dohm, Eddie Carrier Jr., Rod Conley, Shannon Thornsberry, Dustin Linville, Delmas Conley, Audie Swartz, Billy Gullion, Terry Hicks, R.J. Conley, Paul Davis, Matt Jobe, James Watson, Mick Sansom, David Smith, Kenny Howell

2012 (Lake Cumberland Speedway)- Night One: Michael Chilton, Vic Hill, Tanner English, Johnny Wheeler, Justin Rattliff, Dustin Neat, Brad Neat, Victor Lee, Jeff Neubert, Michael Wright, Michael Asberry, Rod Carter, Jr., Tommy Bailey, Ricky Arms, Kenny Cobble, Mike Weeks, Tim Tungate, Skylar Marlar;  Night Two:  Michael Chilton, Chris Combs, Vic Hill, Tanner English, Victor Lee, Dustin Neat, Brad Neat, Justin Rattliff, Skylar Marlar, Tim Tungate, Johnny Wheeler, Michael Asberry, Jeff Watson, Rod Carter, Jr., Ricky Arms, Kenny Cobble, Dennis Barton, Randy Ridner, Nick Claborn, Buzz Williams

2013 (Ponderosa Speedway)- Michael Chilton, Greg Johnson, Dustin Linville, Stephen Breeding, Derek Fisher, Dustin Neat, Victor Lee, David Webb, Brandon Kinzer, Justin Rattliff, Brad Neat, Dan Schlieper, James Rice, Jeff Watson, Dion Benningfield, Brandon Thirlby, Mike Marlar, Jeff Rawlings, Dennis Roberson, Lee Logan, Mike Jewell, Clarence Belcher

-Ironman Classic Fast Facts and Tidbits-
-The Ironman Classic is the brainchild of CT Promotions’ Chris Tilley and first was presented in 2004 at Mountain Motor Speedway in Isom, KY and second-generation speedster Jackie Boggs of Grayson, KY would take the victory in the inaugural event over Chuckie May, Raymond Nichols, Ralph Francis, and Donald Runyon.

-The 2005 version of the Ironman Classic was again to be contested at Mountain Motor Speedway, but the event would be rained out and would not be rescheduled.

-For 2006, the event would again be contested at Mountain Motor Speedway and Chris Combs of Isom, KY would grab the win at his hometown track over the likes of Anthony Adams, Shannon Thornsberry, Steve Stollings, and Greg Lucas.

Chris Combs would follow-up up his 2006 Ironman Classic victory with a repeat performance in 2007 at Mountain Motor Speedway, earning Combs the nickname of the “Ironman”.  Trailing Combs at the finish of this edition of the event would be D.J. Wells, Jamie Ferguson, Eric Wells, and Jamie Maggard.

-In 2008, the Ironman Classic would switch venues and the event would be presented at Richmond Raceway in Richmond, KY and Don O’Neal of Martinsville, IN would show why he is the “Real Deal” by claiming the event victory ahead of Terry English, Victor Lee, Chris Combs, and Aaron Hatton.

-For 2009, the Ironman Classic would return to Mountain Motor Speedway and Josh McGuire would make his first start in the event and would finish in the first position as well in taking the checkered flag first ahead of Aaron Ridley, Justin Rattliff, Wayne Chinn, and Brandon Fouts.

-The 2010 version of the Ironman Classic would again take place at Mountain Motor Speedway and Shannon Thornsberry of Martin, KY would grab one of the biggest wins of his career by claiming the event victory over D.J. Wells, Jeremy Hall, Jason Perry, and Jack Fields.

-In 2011, the event would visit a new venue as the Ironman Classic would take place at Southern Ohio Speedway in Wheelersburg, OH and Jackie Boggs would become only the second driver to score a repeat victory in the event as he would be followed at the finish line by Tim Dohm, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Rod Conley, and Shannon Thornsberry.

-For 2012, the Ironman Classic would take place at Lake Cumberland Speedway in Burnside, KY and would see two feature events over two nights of racing and Michael Chilton of Salvisa, KY would score his first ever win in the event, as he would sweep the A-Mains in both nights of competition.  Chilton would win the first night over Michael Chilton, Vic Hill, Tanner English, Johnny Wheeler, Justin Rattliff , while Chilton would be trailed at the checkered flag on night two by Chris Combs, Vic Hill, Tanner English, and Victor Lee.

-The 2013 edition of the Ironman Classic would be contested at Ponderosa Speedway in Junction City, KY and would return to its traditional one feature format and Michael Chilton of Salvisa, KY would become only the third mulit-time winner by scoring the race win at the track better known as “Kentucky’s Baddest Bullring”.  Chilton would outdistance Greg Johnson, Dustin Linville, Stephen Breeding, and Derek Fisher to pick up the victory.

-For 2013, the Ironman Classic will venture to its sixth different venue as it will take place for the first time ever in the Volunteer State at Smoky Mountain Speedway in Maryville, TN.  The tenth edition of the race will pay $5,010 to win (the $10 comes from it being the 10th anniversary of the race) and the race will be contested under the sanctioning of the Southern National Bonus Series.  Joining the Super Late Models for the event will be the track’s Limited Late Model ($1,500 to win) and Street Stock ($500 to win) divisions.

-There have been a total of one hundred and ten (110) different drivers make the A-Main in the previous nine Ironman Classic events.  Drivers that made their first start in the Ironman Classic in 2013 included Stephen Breeding, Brandon Kinzer, Dan Schlieper, James Rice, Dion Benningfield, Brandon Thirlby, Mike Marlar, Jeff Rawlings, Lee Logan, and Clarence Belcher.

-One driver has made six starts in the Ironman Classic event and that is Chris Combs, while D.J. Wells has made five starts in the race.  Five drivers have made four starts in the event and those drivers are Freddie Brock, Victor Lee, Raymond Nichols,Justin Rattliff, and Shannon Thornsberry.

Ironman Classic Roll Call of Drivers
Anthony Adams- 2 (2006, 2007)            Jamie Maggard- 2 (2007, 2010)
Greg Anderson- 1 (2007)                Chuckie May- 1 (2004)
Jason Barrett- 1 (2009)                Oscar McCown- 1 (2009)
Danny Bates- 2 (2006, 2007)                Josh McGuire- 1 (2009)
Jackie Boggs- 3 (2004, 2007, 2011)            Whitney McQueary- 1 (2007)
Freddie Brock- 4 (2006, 2007, 2009, 2010)        B.J. Morris- 1 (2009)
Bobby Carrier, Jr.- 1 (2009)                John Mulligan- 1 (2009)
Eddie Carrier, Jr.- 1 (2011)                Raymond Nichols- 4 (’04, ’06, ’07, ’09)
Randy Caudill- 1 (2007)                Don O’Neal- 1 (2008)
Michael Chilton- 3 (2009, 2012, 2013)        Jimmy Perkins- 3 (2006, 2007, 2009)
Wayne Chinn- 2 (2008, 2009)                Jason Perry- 1 (2010)
Chris Combs- 6 (2006-2010, 2012)            Justin Rattliff- 4 (2008, 2009, 2012, 2013)
Delmas Conley- 1 (2011)                Christian Rayburn- 1 (2010)
R.J. Conley- 1 (2011)                    Aaron Ridley- 1 (2009)
Rod Conley- 1 (2011)                    Dennis Roberson- 2 (2008, 2013)
Jimmy Crabtree- 2 (2008, 2009)            Jim Robinson- 1 (2008)
Eric Creech- 1 (2006)                    Ricky Rose- 1 (2010)
Paul Davis- 1 (2011)                    Donald Runyon- 1 (2004)
Dan Deaton- 1 (2006)                    Mick Sansom- 1 (2011)
Brent Denny- 1 (2004)                David Smith- 1 (2011)
Carl Dillow II- 1 (2010)                Doug Smith- 1 (2007)
David Dixon- 1 (2009)                    Marty Stepp- 1 (2008)
Tim Dohm- 1 (2011)                    Steve Stollings- 2 (2006, 2010)
Terry English- 1 (2008)                Audie Swartz- 1 (2011)
Jamie Ferguson- 1 (2007)                Shannon Thornsberry- 4 (’06, ’09-’11)
Jack Fields- 3 (2006, 2007, 2010)            Tyrel Todd- 1 (2008)
Derek Fisher- 2 (2009, 2013)                Tim Tungate- 3 (2008, 2009, 2012)
Brandon Fouts- 3 (2007, 2009, 2010)        Cory Waddell- 1 (2006)
Ralph Francis- 1 (2004)                Brandon Wagner- 1 (2010)
Russ Frohnapfel- 1 (2007)                James Watson- 1 (2011)
Larry Gray, Jr.- 2 (2006, 2008)            David Webb- 2 (2008, 2013)
Billy Gullion- 1 (2011)                    D.J. Wells- 5 (2006-2010)
Jeremy Hall- 2 (2009, 2010)                Eric Wells- 3 (2007-2009)
Kevin Hall- 1 (2007)                    Daniel Williams- 1 (2004)
Daniel Hatcher- 1 (2009)                Chris Wilson- 1 (2006)
Aaron Hatton- 1 (2008)                Vic Hill- 1 (2012)
Brandon Hardgrove- 1 (2004)                Tanner English- 1 (2012)
Travis Hensley- 1 (2007)                Brad Neat- 2 (2012, 2013)
Terry Hicks- 1 (2011)                    Dustin Neat- 2 (2012, 2013)
Kenny Howell- 1 (2011)                Skylar Marlar- 1 (2012)
Mike Jewell- 2 (2008, 2013)                Johnny Wheeler- 1 (2012)
Greg Johnson- 2 (2008, 2013)            Michael Asberry- 1 (2012)
Matt Jobe- 1 (2011)                    Jeff Watson- 2 (2012, 2013)
Victor Lee- 4 (2007, 2008, 2012, 2013)        Rod Carter, Jr.- 1 (2012)
Dustin Linville- 3 (2008, 2011, 2013)            Ricky Arms- 1 (2012)
Greg Lucas- 2 (2004, 2006)                Kenny Cobble- 1 (2012)
Dennis Barton- 1 (2012)                Randy Ridner- 1 (2012)
Nick Claborn- 1 (2012)                Buzz Williams- 1 (2012)
Jeff Neubert- 1 (2012)                    Mike Weeks- 1 (2012)
Michael Wright- 1 (2012)                Tommy Bailey- 1 (2012)
Stephen Breeding- 1 (2013)                Brandon Kinzer- 1 (2013)
Dan Schlieper- 1 (2013)                James Rice- 1 (2013)
Dion Benningfield- 1 (2013)                Brandon Thirlby- 1 (2013)
Mike Marlar- 1 (2013)                    Jeff Rawlings- 1 (2013)
Lee Logan- 1 (2013)                    Clarence Belcher- 1 (2013)

10th Annual Ironman Classic INFO

Smoky Mountain Speedway
Maryville, TN

Saturday, August 16th

10th Annual Ironman Classic
Southern Nationals Bonus Race
presented by Stanley Best Heating & Air

Super Late Models – $5,010 to win
Limited Late Models – $1,500 to win
Street Stocks – $500 to win

Pit Gates open at 3pm
Grandstands / Tier Parking open at 4pm
Drivers Meeting scheduled for 6:30pm

Grandstand Admission
Adults – $15
Children – ages 6-11 – $5
Children – 5 & under – FREE

Tier Parking Admission
Adults – $20
Children – ages 6-11 – $10
Children – 5 & under – FREE

Pit Passes
Adults – $35
Children – 11 & under – $15

Please make plans to join us for some great racing at THE MOUNTAIN!!