NDRL weekend LLM Tire Rule


Due to the Short notice in tire change for this seasons Hoosier only rule, SMS has made an exception for this upcoming weekend ONLY to Allow American Racers.

For Friday, March 7th Tire Rule will be as follows:
Front Tires Open.
Rear Tires: Hoosier 1600 or 55/ American Racer 56: Must punch 55 or harder

LLM Rules update for 2014 Season

LLM Rules update for 2014 Season


The Rules for the Limited Late Model Class have been updated for the 2014 year, We are a Hoosier ONLY track. We allowed AR’s here and there in this class last year due to the fact we only had LLM’s a handful of times, We intend to run this class more for the 2014 Season.

*Rules have been updated allowing several different motors to compete in this class

These Rules will be in effect for our NDRL Friday, March 7th Event



Any Questions Please call our Race Director, Steve Epling at 865-919-6041 or 865-856-8989