May 26 – Update # 1

Drivers Meeting has just concluded…  Hot Laps are just about to get underaway..

34 Super Late Models

Brandon Kinzer (18)
Riley Hickman (R1)
Travis Greer (11g)
Donald Bradsher (93)
Jake Knowles (66)
Bobby Giffin (97)
Daniel Baggerly (16)
Brian Reese (33)
Tommy Kerr (4t)
Austin Kirkpatrick (11)
Tony Knowles (26)
Robby Moses (7)
James Kelso (49)
Rick Rogers (25)
Billy Ogle, Jr. (201)
Matt Henderson (17)
Ivedent Lloyd (21)
Chuck Smith (33)
Zack Mitchell (57)
Sammie Russell (F4)
Jeff Smith (18m)
Casey Barrow (98)
Jeff Maupin (0)
Casey Roberts (101)
David Crabtree (c5)
Chad Ogle (10)
Skip Arp (31)
Vic Hill (1)
Benji Cole (121)
Ray Cook (53)
Stacy Boles (11b)
Terry Wolfenbarger (14)
Jeff Wolfenbarger (28)
Dillon Wood (1w)
Mark Vineyard (4)

12 Crate Late Models

Austin Smith (11)
David Crabtree (c5)
John Cobb (40)
Von Smith (88)
Marty Calloway (79c)
Hunter Best (007)
Cory Hedgecock (23)
Brad Seagle (31)
Jarrison Martin (7j)
Stone Fuller (169)
Andy Ogle (68)
Johnny Phillips (J1)

7 Mini Stock

Anthony Singleton (12)
Kevin Burchfield (94)
David Singleton (25)
Gavin Murphy (18)
Derek Duggan (1x)
Bobby McClain (B23)
Daniel Lawson (69er)

2 Modified Minis

Clifford Sands (16)
Tom Vann (XXX)

Have signed in for action tonight…

LIVE UPDATES – Ultimate NAPA Know How Showdown – Night # 2

Smoky Mountain Speedway
Maryville, Tennessee


We will be doing LIVE UPDATES from the race track tonight…  Come join us for a great night of entertainment and fast racing action!!

Pit Gates Open @ 3 pm
Grandstands & Tier Parking Open @ 5 pm

Driver’s Meeting @ 6:30 pm

Grandstands – $15
Tier Parking – $20
Pit Passes – $35


HOT LAPS scheduled for 7 pm

– NeSmith Crate Late Models
– Modified Mini
– Ultimate Super Late Models
– Mini Stock


– NeSmith Crate Late Models (2 laps)
– Ultimate Super Late Models (2 laps) *** TOP 10 LOCKED IN ***


– NeSmith Crate Late Models (8 laps)
– Modified Mini (6 laps)
– Ultimate Super Late Models Last Chance Races (8 laps)
– Mini Stock (6 laps)



– NeSmith Crate Late Models (25 laps)
– Modified Mini (15 laps)
– Ultimate Super Late Models (40 laps)
– Mini Stock (15 laps)

Night one has ended on to night two!!

Night one of the NAPA know how has come to an end, congrats to all our winners Billy Ogle Jr, David Crabtree, Tim Ladd, and David Singleton

See you tomorrow @ Smoky Mountain for Night 2 of the Ultimate NAPA Know How!!

Pits open at 3
Grandstand and Tier open at 5

Night 1 of Ultimate NAPA Know How

Everyone come on out to 411 for Night one of the Ultimate NAPA Know How Showdown! 411’s gates open at 4 and theres nothing but beautiful weather ahead of us this Memorial Day weekend! Come on out Tonight and Tomorrow! Show your support at both tracks for making it happen for both fans and drivers!!

Dont forget Night 2 of the Ultimate NAPA Know How Showdown at Smoky Mountain Speedway!

Pit Gates Open at 3
Grandstand and Tier at 5

Pit Pass: $35
Tier Parking: $20
Grandstand: $15


NAPA Know How Driver List May 25th & May 26th

Per 411 Motor Speedways Forum and other social media Sites Looks like we have a pretty good round up!!!
Hope our Limited guys will be there both nights mixing it up with the Stars of the Ultimate SLM’s
In no Particular order or class here’s what we have so far…

John Cobb
Ryan King
Skip Arp
Daniel Baggerly
Billy Ogle Jr
Tommy Kerr
Casey Roberts
Bobby Giffin
Robby Moses
Zach Mitchell
Mark Vineyard
Tom Smith
Pierce McCarter
Mack McCarter
Brandon Kinzer
Tyler Jenkins
Vic Hill
James Kelso
David Crabtree
Stone Fuller
Cory Cate
Corey Hedgecock

Whos our other drivers? Crate? Modified Mini, Mini Stock?
Give us classes and names to add to the list!