Southern All Stars set for return to Smoky Mountain

Southern All Stars set for return to Smoky Mountain

By admin | September 20, 2011

By Richard Allen


This Saturday night the Southern All Stars will make their third appearance at the Smoky Mountain Speedway. And if the action from the previous two trips to the Maryville, Tennessee track by the dirt late model touring series are any indication, the racing should be outstanding.

In April, popular dirt racing superstar Jimmy Owens collected $5,000 by winning a lightning fast event after first establishing a new track record of 15.187 seconds around the 4/10 mile clay oval in qualifying.

In June the series returned to reopen the track that had been temporarily closed about six weeks earlier. Brian Reese motored his way to a $5,000 victory but the real story came just behind the front running driver.

Just after the halfway point in the 50 lap race, Randy Weaver and Billy Ogle, Jr. came together in turn one. Ogle’s car slammed the outside wall and teetered on the edge of actually leaving the facility. Then, as the cars slowed for the caution, Ogle’s Blount Motorsports teammate, Tommy Kerr, got into a late model shoving match with Weaver which ended with both cars nosed into the inside wall and both drivers standing atop their machines vigorously pointing and shouting at each other.

Southern All Stars series director Brad Byrd looks forward to coming back to the track at which his races have played out in front of near capacity crowds. “We’re very excited about going back up there,” Byrd declared in a recent interview. “It’s a great place with great people.

“It’s an open date for the Tennessee football so we’re very happy about the date,” he added. “When you get into fall in the South you have to start looking at open dates and away games of the teams in a particular area although (track promoter)Chris Corum doesn’t feel as though it’s a major deterrent being that the fans of each are so different.”

Coming into Saturday’s race, Alabama’s William Thomas holds a slim lead in the series standings over Knoxville’s Billy Ogle, Jr. and Maryville’s Tommy Kerr.

The main event will be a 50 lap, $5,000 to win affair. The SAS locks in the top-10 through qualifying and sets the rest of the field with heat races. Also on Saturday’s agenda will be a $1,000 to win Crate Late Model race along with Modified Street and Pure Mini classes.

Gates open at 5:00pm with racing set to begin at 7:00pm.


Fall Classic Rules Posted Southern All Star Rules

Visit Soutern All stars website for rules

Crate Late Model Rules

Lucas Body Rules – with Maximum 12″ spoiler

602 – 2200lb
604 – 2350lb

1lb per lap burn off

Tires:  Hoosier Shoulder plated D21 or D55, FT200, FT400, FT600

GM #88958602 or GM #88958604 Sealed Crate Engine
Must run stock appearing valve spring with max seat pressure of 105#
6″ setback max
Any 4 barrel Carb. – No methanol
604 – 1″ spacer max
602 – 2″ spacer max

Protest fee: $900   Motor will be retained and checked by certified Crate Engine rebuilder
Check Valve Spring – $200
Visual – $100 (Must be lodged before feature event)

Smoky View Auto Parts Modified Street Rules

1. American made, rear wheel drives only. No trucks allowed. Camaro-type bodies are allowed.

2. Minimum wheelbase of 108 inches from centerline of front wheels to centerline of rear wheels.

3. Steel bodies only. Hulling is allowed, but must retain full stock firewall and floor pan. If any body parts are replaced with sheet metal or aluminum it must remain stock appearing. (or weight may be added per tech man)
4. All cars must have legible numbers.
5. Allowed 6″ rear spoiler, no wider than the deck lid with sideboards 18 1/2” long max.
4”high in the front, 8” high in the back  max.

Modified Street Suspension
1. Steering components must be stock.

2. Springs 5”minium coil. (coil or leaf) may be heated or cut.

3. No aluminum body shocks. No canister shocks. No adjustable shocks, One per wheel. No coil overs. Shock must be mounted as close to original position as possible.

4. Any aftermarket spring allowed 5”minium coil.
Lower control arms must be make and model of car. Lower control arm may be shortened or lengthened to obtain proper front end geometry (aftermarket or tubular upper control arms allowed).

Modified Street Roll Cage
1. Must have full roll cage.

1. O. E. M. automatic or manual transmission.

2. No ram couplers or direct drive.

3. No valves or pedals.

4. No stall converters.

5. Must have working reverse.

6. Torque converters must be O. E. M. type for transmission used and in working order.
CLUTCH: May run racing clutch. No carbon or exotic materials clutch. No RAM couplers.

Pure Street Stock Rear End
1. Any gear ratio allowed, 9” ford rear ends are allowed in any make or model car, but must have all components in stock location of the make or model car that it is installed in. No wide five hubs. Floaters are allowed, Disk brakes ok must have steel calipers.
2. Pan hard bar may be used Top link must be solid, No J-bars, pull or lift bars. No other Modifications to rear suspension

Mod Street Fuel
1. Gasoline only. NO Additives.

2. Fuel cells are required. It is strongly recommended that a fuel cell with a top pick-up be used.

3. Must be securely mounted with at least two (2) 2″ by 1/8″ steel straps.

4. No electric fuel pumps.

5. Stock carburetors or up to 650 max Holley carburetor. Holley carb must be stock no modifications may remove choke assembly.

GM 602 crate engine 3100lb
362 ci3200 lb.

Maximum 12″ wide wheels only.
Pure Street Stock Tires
*ANY TIRE – Must Durometer minimum 50

Optional 8″ wheels, D.O.T. tire – 3000lbs

GM 602 crate engine weight 3100 lb
Max 362 ci (no big bore short stroke) 3200 lb

1. Headers allowed.

2. OEM Cast Intakes or Aluminum Intakes allowed must be Chevy bowtie or eldebrock performer, No air gaps allowed, (1” carb spacer allowed)  Any carb any Intake add 100lb no spacer plate allowed.

3. OEM Cast Heads only. No Modifications No Exceptions. Vortec Heads add 100 lbs. May be cut for screw in studs & guide plates. No under cut or pro flow type valves allowed. No titanium valves allowed. Any Valve Springs. Maximum Vales allowed 1.6 exhaust 2.02 intake.

4. Stamped Steel Rockers or roller rockers 1.5 or 1.6 ratio only.

5. Any Hydraulic Flat Tappet Cam allowed. No Rollers, add 50lbs for Solid Lift Cams.

6. Flat Top piston only piston cannot protrude above block deck.

7. Cranks. Must weigh 50 lb (1/2 lb variance allowed).

8. Stock OEM Rods or aftermarket stock appearing rods (Eagle, Scat, Elgin, etc.) Stock Length. No Floating Wrist Pins. No Polishing of Rods allowed. No Modification. (May run ARP Rod Bolts)

9. OEM Blocks only. No Bowtie Blocks Allowed. No Modifications except may over bore and run ARP Main Bolts.  Decking of Block Surface allowed. Piston must not protrude above the deck of the block.

10. May run aftermarket oil pans. No Windage Trays or Crank Scrapers Allowed.

11. Stock style Oil Pump.

12. May change Head Bolt to ARP.

13. To claim: Any driver in the top 5 can protest, but you can only protest the car in front of you.


Pure Street Stock Ignition
1. Stock OEM Ignition only (NO MSD).

Mod Street Protest Rule
$300.00 to Pull one Head $150.00 to the Track.

2. $400.00 Bottom end $200.00 to the Track.

3. $50.00 to Pull Valve Covers $25.00 to The Track.

4. $200.00 to Pull Intake, $100.00 to the Track.

5. Anyone in top 5 may Pull Valve Covers or Intakes

Pure Mini Rules

Front and Rear Wheel Drives

Clutch: stock type size and weight for car

Tire: stock

Roll Cage: Four Point minimum with 3 driver door bars minimum

Seat: Aluminum racing seat and safety harnesses are required

Body: Doors must be welded shut, remove all trim, upholstery and glass.

Front Wheel Drive

Engine: Four cylinder stock for make and model. (No turbos or superchargers)

Body/Drive Line &Suspension: Must remain stock, in stock location for make and model

Standard Transmission: Must have a 2” inspection hole in bell housing.

Wheel: May be aftermarket but must be stock size for make and model.

Weight: 1lb per cc – 2000lb minimum.

Roller cam – add 100lb

Header/Cold Air-Box, O.k

Rear Wheel Drive

Engine: 2400cc maximum Four cylinder stock rods/ crank (stock type pistons)

Head: Steel only.

Cam: Flat tappet – hydraulic only