Chris Corum to promote Southern All Stars race at Smoky Mountain

Chris Corum to promote Southern All Stars race at Smoky Mountain

By admin | May 27, 2011

By Richard Allen

On Tuesday, May 10th the owners of the Smoky Mountain Speedway in Maryville, Tennessee announced that the track was suspending operations until further notice. Well, further notice has been issued as the track ownership has announced that the facility will uphold its agreement to host the Southern All Stars Series race with Chris Corum serving as the event promoter.

Earlier this week, Corum was relieved of his duties as the promoter at the 411 Motor Speedway in Seymour, Tennessee by track owner Mitch McCarter. Little time passed before SMS owners Roger Sellers, Larry Garner, Stanley Best and Kevin Coffey seized the opportunity to employ Corum, who had guided the 411 track through the better part of three successful seasons.

“This deal is just for me to promote this one race on June 18th,” Corum said. “We have not talked about anything beyond that as far as me running the track on a regular basis. After that race it will be up to them to decide how they want to proceed from there.”

Smoky Mountain temporarily halted activities at the facility after the new ownership team of Sellers, Garner and Best decided that car counts and attendance had dropped to the point that it was no longer feasible to continue operations as they were.

“I’ve had a number of opportunities be presented to me since Wednesday,” Corum said. “This deal at Smoky Mountain is an opportunity to see what else is out there and explore those options”

Corum also stated that he has been invited to visit a track in Illinois that is jointly owned by the team of Tony Stewart, Ken Schrader and Kenny Wallace to discuss the possibility of him directing a speedway in that area. “I don’t know if I want to move my family to Illinois but it is something to consider and I’m flattered that they contacted me,” Corum added. “I’ll definitely go up there and see what it’s all about.”

The SAS race at Smoky Mountain will be a $5,000 to win event and will be the second trip for the series to the east Tennessee track.


Smoky Mountain shuts its doors

Michael Moats
Posted May 14, 2011 at midnight

What started out as a promising endeavor has turned into a temporary closure for one of East Tennessee’s best-known racetracks.

Smoky Mountain Speedway in Maryville has temporarily closed. The announcement was made Tuesday. Co-owners Larry Garner, Stanley Best, Roger Sellers, and Kevin Coffey came to the decision following their weekly meeting Tuesday morning. The decision was made for many reasons.

“There are a lot of factors we think has affected us,” Sellers said. “We have a lot of our racers and fans that are in construction, truck driving, fabrication, and things like that. Those types of jobs haven’t really come back yet, so they don’t have the extra money to spend on racing. The fuel prices have a lot to do with it, too.”

“The bridge work on Brick Mill Road hasn’t helped us, either. The county told us, originally they’d have it open for traffic by April 1. Now, they’re telling us it will be another 10-12 weeks. That really cuts off people passing by that may come in and see a race.”

Since Garner, Best, and Sellers became partners with Coffey in the offseason, a number of improvements have been made to the facility. A new pit concession stand has been constructed. The racing surface got several hundred loads of clay and the turns reshaped. The result produced several track records this season.

The group doesn’t know when the track will reopen.

“There is no time frame when we’ll have it back open,” Sellers stated. “We have a meeting planned for next week where we’ll talk it over. We’re going to evaluate the situation, take a look at our lineup, visit with a lot of people to get some input.”

The closure is effective immediately. Tonight’s scheduled race has been cancelled.


Smoky Mountain Speedway temporarily suspends operations

May 10, 2011

Maryville, Tennessee – The staff and management of Smoky Mountain Speedway has announced the temporary suspension of operations effective immediately. No timetable has been given when the track will re-open. Since the 2011 season started, car counts and fan attendance has been down at the 4/10-mile facility. As the weather has improved in recent weeks, it was hoped attendance and car counts would rise. This has not been the case. The staff has decided to take the time to re-evaluate the situation and map out a strategy where to go from this point forward. When any decisions or announcements are made, those plans will be posted on the track’s web site at as well as the track’s Facebook page.

May 7th Results

NeSmith Feature 1
1. David Crabtree C5
2. Chris Wilson 10
3. Mark Rosner 17
4. Bobby Giffin 97
5. Robby Moses 7
6. Brian Ownby 00
7. David Young Jr. 5
8. Hunter Best 007
9. Brad Coffey 89
10. James Kelso 49
11. Weston Gantte 14 (DNS)

NeSmith Feature 2
1. David Crabtree c5
2. Bobby Giffin 97
3. Weston Gantte 14
4. Hunter Best 007
5. Brian Owny 00
6. Mark Rosner 17
7. Robby Moses 7
8. James Kelso 49
9. Brad Coffey 89
10. David Young Jr. 5
11. Chris Wilson 10

Pure Mini
1. Blake Hall 60
2. Scott Webb 0
3. Kevin Burchfield 94
4. Bobby McClaine 23m
5. Chris Kelso 24
6. Robert Lewis 4
7. Angie Young 72

Modified Street
1. Tim Kilby Ez1
2. David Price 4
3. Chad Mclemore J3
4. Johnny Mclemore 23
5. Lloyd Hall 00

Mini Stock
1. Aaron Phillips 5
DNS-Marty Phillips 5m