Race Results from 10/16/2010

Race Results from 10/16/2010

365 Flathead

1 51 Jed Emert
2 11 Blake King
3 21 Megan Duncan

1 00 Isaac Boring
2 11 Austin Finger

Clone 365
1 7 Blake King
2 72 Walter Walsh
3 14 Logan Dunsmore

Stock lite
1 51 Jed Emert
2 21 Megan Duncan
3 20 Steven Epling

1 8w Blake Wright


1 21 Canden Cureton

Thanks we had a Great night of racing some hard fought battles in all classes!

And to the people that came out to  support the Lanier Football Team and watching the 4-wheeler pulls you got to see a great show!  Thanks for your support!!! .

Our 2011 Schedule is posted check it out!

Big Announcements for next year being finalized.
we may see some BIG EVENTS in 2011!!

Changes in rules and classes are now posted!

Thank you to all the loyal race teams and fans who support the track each and every week