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Michael Brown Outdeuls Jeremy Steele for Brick Mill Bash Win

(October 8, 2022) Smoky Mountain Speedway capped off the 2022 season with the Brick Mill Bash featuring the American Pro Late Models, Red Clay 602 Series, and the Enduro cars. The night produced three first time winners. (MRM Racing Photo)

Michael Brown took home the $10,000 prize by winning the American Pro Late Models feature. Sixty cars signed in for the race. Jeremy Steele and Brown started the race from the front row. Steele grabbed the early lead over Brown. Once the two leaders caught the back of the field, Brown seized the opportunity to take the lead from Steele. Both drivers swapped the lead several times before Brown retook the lead with a few laps to go. Ricky Weiss had ran down the lead duo and got by Steele for second. Weiss pulled alongside Brown on the final lap, but could not pull off the pass as Brown held on for the win. Mack McCarter took home fourth and new series champion Hayden Cardwell came from last to finish in 5th.

The Red Clay 602 Series saw 30 cars sign in for the $5,000 to win race. Booger Brooks not only clinched the championship, but also lead all 30 laps to get the win. While Brooks was unchallenged for most of the race, the action was fierce from second through fifth. Jake Geene, Brad Seagle, David Smith, and Blake Craft spent most of the 30 laps trading those positions. Craft got by Green and Seagle in the closing laps to finish second. Green, Seagle, and Smith rounded out the top 5.

Ray Hawk won the $1,000 to win enduro race. Hawk passed early leader John Burger and went on to win the race by two laps over second place finisher Corey Vickers. Thirteen cars entered the race with only 4 making it to the 50-lap mark.

American Pro Late Models Feature (50 Laps): 1. 32B-Michael Brown; 2. 7-Ricky Weiss; 3. 2S-Jeremy Steele; 4. 51-Mack McCarter; 5. 07-Hayden Cardwell; 6. 5-Ronnie Johnson; 7. 20N- Tyler Neal; 8. 14W-Logan Walls; 9. 9S-Zach Sise; 10. 116-Cameron Weaver; 11. 32- William Blankenship; 12. 5-Travis Steele; 13. 23-Cory Hedgecock; 14. 31G-Stephen Pedulla; 15-31M-Tyler Millwood; 16. 40-John Cobb; 17. 6-Eli Beets; 18. 7S-Justin Smith; 19. 55H-Benji Hicks; 20. 329-Travis Fultz; 21. 24-Tanner Collins, 22. 07j-Jason Cardwell; 23. 10B-Bradley Lewelling; 24. 21-Trey Bayne

Red Clay 602 Series

Feature (30 Laps): 1. 148-Booger Brooks[2]; 2. 114-Blake Craft[4]; 3. 41-Jake Green[6]; 4. 31-Brad Seagle[1]; 5. 11S-David Smith[3]; 6. 59-Shaun Sise[5]; 7. 56-Colton Berrong[16]; 8. 9B-Dustin Bunch[14]; 9. 22W-Dustin Ward; 10. 5-Curtis Thomas[8]; 11. 44-Elliott Johnson[7]; 12. 6-Tucker Anderson[20]; 13. 8W-Blake Wright[21]; 14. 4F-Derek Franks[9]; 15. 70-Davin Cardwell[11]; 16. 2-Dusty Quillen; 17. 9-Josh Cheatham[15]; 18. 11-John Harrison[12]; 19. 727-Baillie Lowe[19]; 20. 37-Joel Gordon[13]; 21. 24-Ronnie Johnson[10]; 22. 1-Robert Koons[18]; 23. 51-Bradley Hamilton[22]


Feature (50 Laps): 1. 1H-Ray Hawk[10]; 2. 7V-Corey Vickers[6]; 3. 21-Dustin Price[7]; 4. 4D-Dale Dunn[3]; 5. 7-David Myers[1]; 6. 14-Opie Barndt[11]; 7. 71-John Burger[5]; 8. 22-Jonathan Allen[13]; 9. 75-Ben Shelton[12]; 10. T21-Travis Banther[14]; 11. 77-Ty Bowman[9]; 12. 0-Josh Freedman[8]; 13. 20-Jimmy Hill[4]




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