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Hall of Famer Skip Arp Wins on Hall of Fame Night

(September 23, 2023) Skip Arp of Georgetown, Tenn. cruised to his third straight Topless Outlaws Dirt Late Model Series presented by Stanley Best Heating & Air feature win in as many events on Saturday night at Smoky Mountain Speedway. (MRM Racing Photo)

On a beautiful sunny Saturday, the first day of fall - thirty-seven Topless Late Models, representing five states checked in at Smoky Mountain Speedway to compete for the $3,000 to win event. Thirty two had previously checked in on the original date of July 8th before heavy rains cancelled the show. Only twenty-three of those original cars showed back up which means fourteen additional drivers came to compete on Saturday.

Arp proved to be the fastest car in PPM Racing Products time trials, Group-A with a blistering lap of 14.405 which would’ve been the second overall fastest time in the Carolina Sprints (14.274) which was also in action on Saturday at SMS. Riley Hickman of Ooltewah, Tenn. clocked the fastest time in Group-B with a 14.821.

Once the feature rolled out onto the track, fireworks filled the night sky as a bright half-moon hovered overhead. Once the green flag fell, it would be short lived as caution waved before one lap was complete for the stalled 2X machine of Anthony White of Clinton, Tenn. in turn one. He retired to the infield after starting 8th. The 24 of Anthony White Jr. also retired before the first lap was scored after he started 10th.'

Once the green flag flew for the second time, Arp pulled away from his teammate, third-starting Bobby Giffin of Maryville, Tenn. with Hickman in third. The second caution waved on lap seven for the P1 machine of Andy Pickelsimer of Ooltewah, Tenn. who spun in turn two after he started 17th by virtue of winning B-Main-1.

Hickman was able to outduel Giffin for the second spot on the ensuing Dixie-Double File restart with Arp once again pulling away by a comfortable margin. The best battles on the track were for positions four through seventh as Chad Alley of Clinton, Tenn. Jensen Ford of Johnson City, Tenn. Topless point leader Jordon Horton of New Tazewell, Tenn. and Jordon Rodabaugh of Soddy Daisy, Tenn. swapped positions back and forth as track conditions allowed for multiple grooves of racing.

Just as Arp was approaching the rear of the field, yellow waved again on lap twelve for a stalled 90J of Jason Trammel of Mascot, Tenn. in turn four. He would retire at this point after starting 15th. Arp again pulled away with Hickman and Giffin still second and third with Alley, Ford and Horton rounding out the top six.

The fourth and final caution waved on lap eighteen for a stalled 44J of John Ownbey of Cleveland, Tenn. who had a right rear flat and chose to retire at this point after he started 7th and was still running in the top ten at the time of the flat.

The final twenty-two circuits would see Arp pull away by as far as a straight-a-way from Hickman, who pulled a few car lengths away from Giffin. Several cars would retire to the infield before the checkers waved, which meant Arp would be able to avoid having to negotiate lapped traffic and went on to record his third straight Topless Outlaws win dating back to Crossville Speedway on September 2nd and Mountain View raceway on September 9th. The battle for fourth was won by Jensen Ford and Jordan Rodabaugh rounded out the top five.

“First of all I can’t thank Beaver (car owner Stanley Best) enough for giving me such an easy car to drive and all those guys who work on it, Robbie, Cole, Jeff and Donnie, I can’t thank ‘em enough” stated Arp from victory lane underneath loud cheers from the crowd. “I’m telling you, just put the steering wheel in your hand and steer it is pretty much all I had to do. I want to say congratulations to all of the Hall of fame inductees. I was inducted several years ago and it is still an honor and I want to say welcome to all of you”.

George Loux came from midpack to win the Carolina Sprint Tour feature race. Ben McCall took the early race lead and seemed to be in firm control of the race. A late race caution set the stage for a final shootout that would see Loux overtake McCall and pull away in the final two laps to take the win.

The mini late models took to the track with Bryan Funk and Selena Byrge on the front row. Funk quickly took the lead and Chase Teague quickly moved into second. The lead duo remain in close contact throughout most of the race. Teague pressured Funk for the lead past the halfway point. As the leaders worked slower traffic, Teague dove inside of Funk in turn 3. Fun made contact with the slower car and spun out. Teague became the leader and cruised to the win.

Topless Outlaws Late Model Series 1. 31-Skip Arp[1]; 2. R1-Riley Hickman[2]; 3. 97-Bobby Giffin[3]; 4. 83 Jensen Ford[5]; 5. 66-Jordan Roadabaugh[9]; 6. 27-Brad Berry[19]; 7. 16-Chad Alley[4]; 8. 56H-Jordan Horton[6]; 9. 23-Layne Clifton[14]; 10. C11-Cody Courtney[16]; 11. 44-Chase King[11]; 12. D5-Drew Collins[12]; 13. 11B-Eli Beets[21]; 14. 14W-Kyle Courtney[23]; 15. 777-Mike Skelly[22]; 16. 28-Kelvin White[24]; 17. 44J-John Ownby[7]; 18. 90J-Jason Trammel[15]; 19. 26-Trevor Parker[20]; 20. 29-Rusty Ballenger[13]; 21. 84-Ryan Tims[18]; 22. P1-Andy Pickelsimer[17]; 23. 2X-Anthony White[8]; 24. 24-Anthony White Jr[10]

Carolina Sprint Tour 1. George Loux; 2. Rich Wisdo; 3. Ben McCall; 4. Robert Tyler; 5. Brianna Lawson; 6. Jake McLain; 7. Johnny Petrozelle; 8. John Frutchey; 9. Alan Brown; 10. Sean Vardell

Mini Late Models 1. 6C-Chase Teague[3]; 2. 000-Joey Tucker[4]; 3. 28-Bryan Funk[1]; 4. 75-Fred Schneider[6]; 5. 12S-Selena Byrge[2]; 6. 7-Ryan Hawn[7]; 7. 4H-Scott Randolph[9]; 8. A27-Ethan McCarter[5]; 9. (DNS) 12-Blake George




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