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Hayden Cardwell Takes Mayhem in the Mountains

(May 27, 2023) Hayden Cardwell came from the third starting spot to win Saturday’s Mayhem in the Mountains. Cardwell collected $3,000 for the defending series champion in the American All-Stars Pro Late Models. Bradley Lewelling captured the pole for the 40-lap main event by winning the fast car dash. He was joined on the front row by Phillip Thompson. (MRM Racing Photo)

Lewelling quickly took the lead when the race started. Cardwell and Thompson battled for second as the field completed lap 1. Cardwell took the spot from Thompson and set his sights on Lewelling. Following a quick caution on lap 6, Cardwell and Thompson resumed their battle for second. Thompson took the position just before another caution on lap 7.

When the race continued, Lewelling maintained the lead as Thompson and Cardwell continued fighting for second. Thompson briefly held second before overtaking Thompson. Cardwell chased down Lewelling who was having trouble with slower traffic. Cardwell saw an opening on lap 22 and got past Lewelling for the lead. Thompson would take second following a restart on lap 28. Thompson could not run down Cardwell who took the checkers for his first series win of the season.

The Cumberland Open Wheel Modified Series made their first visit to Smoky Mountain Speedway. Crossville’s Chris Wilson took the checkers in dominating fashion. Wilson grabbed the lead at the start over Brandon Kinzer. Wilson checked out as Kinzer was overtaken by Jacob Hall and Bryan Barber as the 20-lap race moved along.

Dustin Duncan made a return visit to Smoky Mountain Speedway victory lane in the TSCRA race. Ryan Harness came from 6th starting spot to finish second over Austin Maples.

The aptly named Chevy Adams won the TSCAR Junior race. The 12 year-old from Crossville looked right at home leading the race from flag to flag. Kaitlyn Bray finished second and Brantlee Chambers finished third.

The next event at Smoky Mountain Speedway is the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Mountain Moonshine Classic on June 16-17. There will be a pair of $5,000 to win races on Friday, June 16. The results from those races will set the field for heat races on Saturday that lead up to the $50,000 to win feature presented by FK Rod Ends and East Tennessee Auto Outlet.

Mayhem in the Mountains #1 (40 Laps): 1. 22-Hayden Cardwell[3]; 2. 24T-Phillip Thompson[2]; 3. 10L-Bradley Lewelling[1]; 4. 9-Josh Dietz[4]; 5. 5RJ-Ronnie Johnson[12]; 6. 32-William Blankenship[7]; 7. 24-Anthony White Jr[9]; 8. 5J-Jesse Lowe[14]; 9. 21-Trey Bayne[8]; 10. 7-Tyler Price[6]; 11. 2X-Anthony White[16]; 12. 5-Colby Quick[11]; 13. 07C-Jason Cardwell[20]; 14. 2M-Michael Bland[18]; 15. 14S-Sylvan Schuette[23]; 16. 10M-Chris Chandler[17]; 17. 95-Brandon Williams[10]; 18. 727-Baillie Lowe[24]; 19. 9S-Zach Sise[22]; 20. 73-Trevor Sise[5]; 21. 28-Taylor Puckett[13]; 22. 24W-Seth Wimpey[21]; 23. 89-Brandon Miller[15]; 24. 14LP-Logan Palmer[19]

Cumberland Plateau Open Wheels (20 Laps): 1. 56-Chris Wilson[1]; 2. 43-Jacob Hall[3]; 3. 10-Bryan Barber[5]; 4. 18-Brandon Kinzer[2]; 5. 155-Peyton Harlow[4]; 6. 28-JT Ayers[7]; 7. 5M-Scott Shelton[9]; 8. 71-Tony Garber[8]; 9. 14-Skylar Douglas[6]; 10. 26-Adam Ogle[10]; 11. 50-Amos Bunch[16]; 12. 3-Kaleb Trent[11]; 13. 36-Billy Palmer[13]; 14. 20-Justin Maxwell[12]; 15. 11-Reece Ogle[14]; 16. 4-Wayne James[17]

TSCRA (20 Laps): 1. 21D-Dustin Duncan[1]; 2. 13-Ryan Harness[6]; 3. 23M-Austin Maples[3]; 4. 85-Travis Weeks[4]; 5. 28-Jason Ketron[8]; 6. 25-Allen Walker[5]; 7. 11-Marcus Huston[15]; 8. 731-Tyler Walton[16]; 9. 21T-Travis Taylor[9]; 10. 24-Justin Manning[21]; 11. 21-Jacob Sharp[7]; 12. 17W-Gregory Wyatt[12]; 13. 506-Josh Davis[2]; 14. 4-Daniel Wright[11]; 15. 33-Jonathan Moses[14]; 16. 1-Jason Wilde[10]; 17. 33H-Dakota Morgan[19]; 18. 3KP-Trey Floyd[18]; 19. 2-Tanner Tate[13]; 20. 138-Gauge Norwood[17]; 21. 88-Larry Rudd[22]

TSCRA Junior (10 Laps): 1. C93-Chevy Adams[1]; 2. 7-Kaitlyn Bray[2]; 3. 19-Brantlee Chambers[4]; 4. 12-Rebeacca Gresham[5]; 5. 0-Frankie Sharp[3]; 6. 3-Ronnie Sharp[6]; 7. 22-Caleb Manning[8]; 8. A22-Ashlyn Day[9]; 9. 23-Breanna Huston[7]




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