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Camaron Marlar Collects First Southern All-Stars Victory

(April 23, 2022) Camaron Marlar led all 40 laps to win his first Southern All-Stars race Saturday night. Marlar got a tremendous start when the green flag waved to start the race. Marlar quickly got out to a sizeable lead over pole sitter Vic Hill. Hill and Eli Beets battled for second which allowed Marlar to extend his lead to well over one second. Most of the action was between Hill, Beets, Garrett Smith, and Jensen Ford. That foursome raced hard in an effort to take second place. Beets finally took second as Hill had to fight off Ford and Smith. Smith grabbed third and ran down Beets. Smith would take the spot and brought Ford with him who took third from Beets. Meanwhile, Hill continued to fade as Dakotah Knuckles took over fifth. (MRM Racing Photo)

Marlar masterfully negotiated traffic to comfortably win in a caution-free affair.

Southern All-Stars Feature: 1. 99-Camaron Marlar[2]; 2. 10-Garrett Smith[7]; 3. 83-Jensen Ford[4]; 4. 109-Eli Beets[3]; 5. 21K-Dakotah Knuckles[5]; 6. 1-Vic Hill[1]; 7. 3N-Austin Neely[11]; 8. 18-Matt Dooley[12]; 9. 116-Cameron Weaver[9]; 10. 21M-Robby Moses[14]; 11. 23-John Blankenship[8]; 12. 17-Billy Franklin[18]; 13. 9-Jason Croft[13]; 14. 9C-Dusty Carver[19]; 15. 6-Josh Sneed[21]; 16. 14-Terry Wolfenbarger[16]; 17. 7G-Craig Greer[25]; 18. 3D-Dakota Smith[22]; 19. (DNF) 97-Michael Chilton[6]; 20. (DNF) 90J-Jason Trammell[17]; 21. (DNF) 21-Shay Miller[15]; 22. (DNF) 47-Tim Rucker[20]; 23. (DNF) C5-David Crabtree[10]; 24. (DNS) 49-James Kelso; 25. (DNS) 3-Steve Smith

Cameron Weaver took the early lead over Jed Emert, then pulled away from the field to win the Steel Block Bandits feature. Emert led the field to green from the pole position, but it was Weaver that got the early lead. Emert tried to stay close to Weaver, but came under fire from Mack McCarter. The two spent several laps battling for second before McCarter took over second. Ronnie Johnson joined the fray as he closed up on Emert in a battle for third. Johnson looked to chase down McCarter for second until Russell Erwin passed Emert and began stalking Johnson. Erwin would later take second after McCarter had issues. Emert fought back to hold off Dustin Mitchell, then pass Johnson into third. No one had anything for Weaver who won with a sizeable margin over the rest of the field. (MRM Racing Photo)

Steel Block Bandits Feature: 1. 116-Cameron Weaver, 2. 22-Russell Erwin, 3. (51) Jed Emert, 4. (5) Ronnie Johnson, 5. (32) Dustin Mitchell, 6. (31) Skip Arp, 7. (44) Chase King, 8. (30) Tyler Bare, 9. (171) Kyle Courtney, 10. (51) Mack McCarter, 11. (39) Eddie King Jr., 12 (72 Derick Rankin, 13. (74) Derick Quade, 14. (116) Jake Whitehead, 15. (21) Michael Batten, 16. (C11) Cody Courtney, 17. (16) Brad Lowe, 18. (537) Jesse Rockett, 19. (1) Willie Milliken, 20. (B3) Brian Strickland, 21. (7) Dan Breuer, 22. (84) Jay Sessoms, 23. (32M) Jason Manley, 24. (28) Taylor Puckett

Tyler Price took the lead from the pole position to start the sportsman late model feature. Kip Sawyer and Brad Seagle spent most of the 20 laps in a battle for second. That allowed Price to pull away. Seagle looked to have second before Sawyer fought back on the outside to retake the spot. Tyler took the checkers first with Sawyer holding off Seagle for second. After the race, Price was disqualified for having illegal headers. That handed the win to Sawyer.

Sportsman Late Model Feature: 1. 44-Kip Sawyer[2]; 2. 31-Brad Seagle[3]; 3. 40H-Hunter Kerr[9]; 4. 15-Bryan Cooper[8]; 5. 18-Nicholas Phillips[7]; 6. 33-Warren McMahan[6]; 7. 21H-Tyler Haynes[5]; 8. 3-David Beeler[12]; 9. (DNF) 50-Adam Mitchell[4]; 10. (DNF) 6-Andy Standridge[11]; 11. (DNS) 11-Tim Bounds 12. (DQ) Tyler Price

The next race at Smoky Mountain Speedway is Saturday, May 28 for Memorial Day Mayhem in the Mountains featuring the American All-Stars Pro Late Models and the Vision Wheel Topless Outlaws.



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