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Skip Arp Rides Away with Steel Block Bandits Win

(April 22, 2023) Hall of Famer Skip Arp added another series win to his collection by winning Saturday’s Rockin' with the Stars Steel Block Bandits race. Forty-seven cars signed in vying for the $5,000 first place prize. (ZSK Photography)

By winning his heat race, Arp started along side Jordan Roadabaugh on the front row for the 50-lap main event. Arp quickly took the lead and was never seriously challenged until the leader caught slower traffic that were racing two-wide in front of the leaders. Arp finally powered his way past the slower traffic to stretch out to a comfortable lead. A caution on lap 47 slowed the field to give Roadabaugh one last shot at Arp. But Arp was too strong and easily picked up the win.

Mack McCarter was one of the big gainers finishing third after starting seventh. McCarter made late race passes on Jason Manley and and Ronnie Johnson to get the third place finish.

The sportsman late model feature saw Jake Whitehead fight off an early challenge from Cody Courtney to get the win. Courtney tried to make the outside line work. Whitehead was too strong on the bottom and pulled away for the win.

The front wheel drive feature proved to be the race of the night. Pole sitter James Burnette and Travis Weeks battled for the lead for most of the 20-lap feature. Weeks got alongside Burnette on multiple occasions. Burnette fought off those challenges to get a close win over week.

The next event at Smoky Mountain Speedway will be the All Star Monster Truck Tour on April 28-29. Information for that event can be found at All Star Monster Trucks: Knoxville TN 2023 (ticketspice.com).

The next race is Saturday, May 27 when the American Pro Late Model All-Stars return for Mayhem at the Mountain. The Cumberland Plateau Open Wheels, TSCRA front wheel drive and TSCRA Juniors will also be racing.

Steel Block Bandits
1. 31-Skip Arp[1]; 2. 66-Jordan Roadabaugh[2]; 3. 71-Mack McCarter[7]; 4. 5-Ronnie Johnson[5]; 5. 32-Jason Manley[4]; 6. 29-Rusty Ballenger[6]; 7. 24-Anthony White Jr[3]; 8. 44-Chase King[12]; 9. 51-Jed Emert[13]; 10. B8-Tyler Bare[8]; 11. P1-Jeff Parsons[18]; 12. 9E-Robbie Emory[19]; 13. 74-Derick Quade[9]; 14. 44O-John Ownbey[20]; 15. 3-Austin Neely[16]; 16. D5-Drew Collins[22]; 17. 72-Derrick Rankin[15]; 18. 56H-Jordan Horton[14]; 19. 72L-Barrett Lowe[17]; 20. 7-Dan Breuer[23]; 21. 20-Samuel Bryant[24]; 22. 18-Kyle Courtney[11]; 23. 002-Tyler Arrington[21]; 24. 7B-Shane Bailey[25]; 25. 97-Bobby Giffin[10]

Sportsman Late Models
1. 116-Jake Whitehead[1]; 2. C9-Cody Courtney[2]; 3. 98-Jed Emert[3]; 4. 50-Adam Mitchell[4]; 5. 2D-Darren Goins[5]; 6. 31S-Brad Seagle[7]; 7. 31-Wes Tilley[6]; 8. 6-Jonathan Ingram[8]; 9. 10-James Parrott[9]; 10. 3-David Beeler[11]; 11. 16-Micah Jones[14]; 12. 28-Kelvin White[10]; 13. 3S-Shane Starnes[12]; 14. 11-Jeff McLemore[13]

Front Wheel Drive
1. 18-James Burnette[1]; 2. 85-Travis Weeks[2]; 3. 21T-Travis Taylor[6]; 4. 01-Josh Davis[3]; 5. 08-Daniel Beckham[5]; 6. 26-Michael Lambert[7]; 7. 61-Nick Ginn[9]; 8. 43-Fisher Swanson[8]; 9. 206-Allen Vaughn[4]; 10. 33-Jonathan Moses[10]




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